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Address: Pai Mo Village, Yangwu Town, Danzhai County, Guizhou Province, China



Miao customs

Batik Introduction

Batik is an ancient Chinese folk traditional textile printing and dyeing handicraft. It is called wax in ancient times, and it is also known as the three major printing techniques in ancient China. Guizhou, Pai Mo Village, Yunnan Miao, Buyi and other ethnic groups are good at batik. Batik is the use of a wax knife to paint the flowers in a cloth and dip them in blue. If the wax is dyed, the surface of the cloth presents a variety of patterns of blue-white or blue-white flowers. At the same time, in the impregnation, the wax used as an anti-dyeing agent is naturally cracked. Make the cloth surface present a special "ice pattern", especially attractive. Due to its rich batik pattern, elegant tone and unique style, it is used to make clothing and various daily necessities. It is simple, generous, fresh and pleasing, and rich in ethnic characteristics. Miao batik is an art created for the needs of the producers themselves. Its products are mainly daily necessities, including women's clothing, sheets, sheets, bags, headscarves, backpacks, bags, straps, funeral burial lists, etc..
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